The University of Miami (UM) and Dell have signed an exclusive, campus-wide computing agreement that is expected to save the university approximately $2 million per year. Such an agreement is one for the history books, being the first of its kind. By merging the technology purchases of each school and department, UM will create a consistent technology platform across campus. Working with Dell, UM has reorganized both Intel-based client and enterprise systems throughout the campus. A Dell customer since 1985, UM was named second in ComputerWorld’s “100 Best Places to Work in IT 2004.”

In order to increase the safety and well-being of its students, UM has launched an online program aimed at preventing alcohol abuse among college students: AlcoholEDU for College. According to Dr. Pat Whitely, vice president of Student Affairs, the objective of AlcoholEDU is to keep students responsive and informed about the dangerous effects of alcohol. The program requires students to take a two-and-a-half-hour online course, which uses science-based research to educate students on alcohol’s effects, and an accompanying exam. For more information, contact the UM Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Education at 305-284-6120.

Fraternity brothers from at least two different houses at the University of Southern California disregarded Interfraternity Council rush rules on dry houses and events last week, giving underage rushees access to unlimited bar tabs, alcohol and marijuana at the houses, introducing them to sorority girls, and promising at least one rushee cocaine, an undercover investigation found.

An undercover reporter from a local daily newsaper, who misrepresented himself by lying about his age, major and other personal details, attended rush events and witnessed violations occurring. The reporter found that no one checked IDs for at least two off-campus events held at bars, where all rushees could drink alcohol on the fraternities’ tab. This goes against fraternity rush rules, which require that all recruitment events be dry, and DJs and live bands cannot be present at fraternity houses. If a violation does occur, IFC’s judicial board decides what should happen, which could include a letter of reprimand or losing a day of rush depending on the number and severity of occurrences. “University staff work with student leaders to prevent and reduce risks associated with under-aged drinking at social functions on and off campus,” Michael Jackson, vice president of Student Affairs, wrote in an e-mail. “We hold students who provide alcohol to those who are under-aged responsible for their actions if they get into, or cause problems as a result of drinking too much.”

Starting September 3, the IBIS Ride will be available every Friday and Saturday to take students from Stanford Circle directly to Coconut Grove! Rides are continuous from 8 p.m. to 3 a.m. and are FREE. Just show a valid Cane ID. Questions? Contact PIER 21 at 305-284-6120 or at