Hurricane exclusive: Behind Brock Berlin’s Helmet

While most people can rack off Brock Berlin’s on the field stats, few can say they actually know the quarterback off the field. Some may know that his favorite movie is Tombstone, or that he spends his spare time playing poker with his roommates.

“I’m just a student like everyone else,” Berlin said. “I go to class, study and hang out with my friends.”

Berlin, a native of Shreveport, Louisiana, has just begun pursuing his second degree-in Sports Management-to complement the degree that he received in Sociology last May.

While most students would have a hard time balancing such a demanding schedule, Berlin takes it all in stride.

“I’ve been playing football all my life so I’m used to being busy,” Berlin said.

In the little free time that he has Berlin plays golf and listens to country music.

Berlin begins his day at 6 a.m. He has no time to hit the snooze because he has to be in the university’s film room by 6:30 to watch tapes of old games he has played. He does this for an hour and a half before working out for the next hour and a half. Then it is off to class.

“For most people, sports is an outlet from class and their daily lives,” Berlin said. “But for me, sports is my life, so class is a nice break”

The break, however, does not last long. At two in the afternoon the football team meets to discuss upcoming games and strategies. These meetings are followed by practice from 3:30 until 5:30 p.m.

Berlin usually does dinner with some of his teammates after practice, then hangs out with his friends before heading home.

“I try to see my friends as much as I can, but sometimes practice runs late or I have a lot of homework and I just don’t have time,” he said.

Once Berlin starts his homework, he keeps going until he is done.

“I am too busy in the mornings to do what I don’t finish the night before, so I can’t procrastinate. I treat my homework like a football game-you just keep going until it’s done,” Berlin said.

Berlin aims to be in bed by 11 pm, so he can wake up the next morning and do it all again.

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