A True Seatfiller Experience

I understand that you would like to know all about the VMAs, but my VMA experience started hours before the show even started. Arriving ten minutes later than the check-in time of 2:45 p.m., I began to get worried as I walked to the back of a line that consisted of a few hundred people. Decked out in what I thought to be my exclusive Express Men’s outfit (gray dress pants and a striped pink, red and gray shirt) with my Giorgio Armani glasses to add the finishing touch, I noticed someone wearing the same shirt, adding to my frustration.

As the first hour went by, the line hardly moved. By the fourth hour, the front of the line was in view, and across the street was check-in. With anticipation building, police officers blurted from an intercom that Seatfillers no longer needed us, and anyone not already checked in should go home.

As I stayed on the corner, I noticed everyone was rushing to the check-in gate. Following the crowd, I found some UM schoolmates to get me in the front of the congested and sweaty line, and finally I attained the coveted red wristband.

Arriving at the pre-show, all I could say to myself was, “This arena looks so small, but it’s going to look so big on television.” There were four stages set up on each corner of the arena, and an open space in the middle, later filled courtesy of a casted audience. As a seat-filler, I had the opportunity to sit next to some of the biggest stars in the biz, the first being No Doubt, who sat a few rows ahead. Moving another time, I sat behind J.Lo and husband Marc Anthony, with Will Smith only a few rows away. Throughout the show I spoke to Missy Elliott’s prot