Scrapbook Summer

Summer is a time for exploration, laughter, and quality time spent in rising temperatures. Despite the threat of hurricanes, tropical storms, and the increasingly heavy traffic to the beach, EDGE managed to get around. Ranging from the Convocation Center’s best hip-hop concert as of late, to a happening fashion show, EDGE’s scrapbook summer is just a glimpse into Miami’s hottest months under the sun.


Moments That Made Us Sweat
1. MTV announces Video Music Awards to be held in Miami on August 29.
2. Armed thieves snatch “The Scream” at gunpoint — not the first time the painting has been stolen. The first time, it was returned after three months.
3. Regis Philbin goes into the Guinness book of records for the most hours on camera.
4. People reportedly waited in traffic for over 30 hours, and in some cases walked more than 15 miles, to see rock band Phish at their last performance in Vermont.
5. Lance Armstrong’s “Livestrong” cancer bracelets become a trend; the bright yellow bands decorating every third person’s wrist.