Ashlee Simpson exceeds low expectations

If you’ve ever watched her now defunct self-titled show on MTV, Ashlee Simpson’s usual less-than-sultry screeching in the recording studio hardly seems like talent, but one listen to her debut CD Autobiography, and this girl’s rock-inspired vocal chords will move any body to the beat. Sexy, soulful, and just downright honest, the tracks weave stories of love, jealousy, and Ashlee’s struggle to find an identity in between string notes, guitar chords, and melodic tunes from the piano. In contrast to (dare to be mentioned, Jessica Simpson) her sister, Ashlee Simpson seems to be fine with public affection, an idea reinforced by the fourth track on the album titled “La La.” Here’s a hint: La La seems to be the new slang for ahem, relations. Also inclusive to the CD is the second track, Ashlee’s hit single, “Pieces of Me,” and her soon-to-be single, “Shadow,” a ballad about hiding behind her sister’s dream. Released by Geffen Records, whose other artists include Blink 182, Sparta, and Papa Roach, (all obviously rock), Ashlee Simpson’s chart-topping platinum album seems to be the start to her own career. One take, and any listener, including some boys, will warm up to the heart of the album: thoughts and feelings that every person has while on the road to self-actualization.

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