UM’s The Hurricane serves students in every way

For insight to everything that occurs on campus, The Miami Hurricane, the student-run newspaper of the University of Miami, supplies students with four sections of information that are sure to catch every person’s interest. Staffed by over 30 members of the student body in positions such as editor-in-chief, section editors, writers, photographers, and art director, The Hurricane is a publication that serves the students.

THE MIAMI HURRICANE Published every Tuesday and Friday

A semi-weekly publication, The Miami Hurricane has a distribution of 10,000, making it a widely circulated and rather renowned publication on campus and in the surrounding area. Led by the news section, The Hurricane covers most events that occur on campus, including guest speakers, campus safety, and activities sponsored by one of the 200 organizations on campus. Followed by the news section is the opinion section. With an editorial straight from the staff of The Hurricane and various opinion columns from well versed student body members, the opinion section lets the voice of the student body be heard, allowing freedom of expression to truly occur. Furthermore, The Hurricane dedicates a section to arts and entertainment, formally called EDGE. EDGE covers both on and off campus activities, focusing on fashion trends, music, movies, theater, and of course, the beat on the most haute parties. Combined with the sports section that provides coverage on all the games, interviews with student athletes and the latest standing for all of the University’s athletic sponsored events, The Miami Hurricane definitely provides complete insight into what affects the life of students both on and off campus. The Miami Hurricane can be picked up at any of the distribution boxes located in the residence halls, the Dooley Memorial building, the Ashe Building, the Wolfson School of Communications, or the University Center. I