Trouble in paradise? Counseling center helps

As students prepare to enter UM, they eagerly anticipate unprecedented educational opportunities and Miami’s rich cultural diversity. At the same time, however, they will also be facing many challenges in dealing with their newfound freedom.

The Counseling Center can assist students with adjusting to campus life and deriving the most benefit from their educational opportunities.

The Counseling Center’s fulltime staff, which includes six psychologists and three pre-doctoral interns, provides short-term individual counseling and crisis intervention. Additionally, a variety of therapy groups, often the treatment of choice for college students, are offered to help with issues such as self-esteem, eating disorders, family problems, misuse of alcohol and drug, and anger management.

In some instances, students go off campus for their mental health services, for which the Counseling Center is happy to provide referrals.

The Counseling Center also provides career counseling services, offering a variety of interest, ability and personality tests to provide students with feedback based on the results.

Furthermore, students utilize services for academic adjustment issues such as test anxiety, time management, sleep disturbance, and difficulties with concentration.

The Counseling Center is proud of the educational and prevention programs its staff provides throughout the year involving topics such as depression, stress, eating concerns and sexual assault. They also provide speakers for student groups upon request.

Counseling Center staff members will participate during orientation in programs for both students and parents. I

>> For more information about the services offered by the Counseling Center, visit or call 305-284-5511.

Know More:
Adjusting to college life

I Learn how to manage your time and money.
I Prioritize academics; the rule of thumb is at least two hours of study per credit each week.
I Become engaged in extracurricular activities and/or a part-time job on campus. Active students are usually happier and are better able to take advantage of educational opportunities.
I Communicate with your family regularly and schedule a midterm visit, like Parents Weekend. Expect your relationship with your parents to change.
I Try to compromise and share with your roommate, when possible.
I Find a group of friends, including one or two you can trust.