Toppel Center prepares students for real world

The Toppel Career Center provides UM students with the opportunities and resources to get world-class preparation for their careers. An effective career planning process begins the first day you step onto campus. The Center offers career advising, assistance with selecting a major, career-related programming, and information that can enhance the student experience as you seek employment or admission to graduate school. The timeline below can serve as a guide during the first year as you consider future goals.

Freshman Year:

I Join at least one club or professional student organization and network

I Stop by the Toppel Career Center and visit Toppel Online [see below] often to find out what we offer and to participate in programs

I Obtain information about volunteering and internships

I Attend a resume development workshop, begin creating your resume, and add to the resume each year

I Register on our career management system and update profile every six months

I Make an appointment to see a career advisor and get assistance as you explore your interests, values, and abilities

I Take the Self-Directed Search and/or complete the Discover program, available through Toppel Online

I Review career literature in the university library, the Toppel Career Resource Library, and on the internet

I Attend the Majors Fair in the Spring

I Review “What Can I Do With My Major” resources at

The Center also employs two Academic and Career Advisors in Residence [ACAR], located in Hecht and Stanford Residential Colleges. In conjunction with the Department of Residence Halls and the Toppel Career Center, ACAR provides academic orientation to students, advising, and assistance with major and career selection.

Some programming highlights include Career Exploration Week in the spring, which provides students with the opportunity to meet professionals in various fields. During that week, the Majors Fair is held, where students can meet faculty and staff in various Schools and Colleges and get help in selecting majors and minors.

Don’t miss the Career Expo, when employers come to UM to recruit students for full-time jobs and internships. Florida Power & Light, for example, was recently named “Employer of the Year.” They consistently recruit UM students through Career Fairs and On-Campus Interviewing and serve as a Toppel Partner by sponsoring an interview suite in the Career Center. I

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