Student involvement ensures college experience

An anonymous quote states, “You cannot inherit experience.” This statement couldn’t be any truer, specifically when applied to college. Described as some of the best years of your life, preparation for your future, and a time for growth and development, college is a time to live life to its fullest and experience everything a college has to offer. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by getting involved on campus, and with over 200 student organizations, the University of Miami offers plenty of opportunities to get involved. Ranging from Student Government to cultural organizations to clubs that take trips to the Keys and the Everglades, the University organizations cater to every person’s need.

Getting involved on campus is one of the most important elements of the college experience. Outside of the classroom, student organizations provide an environment that allow a student to meet people, develop skills, capitalize on already harbored interests, and learn things about themselves and others.

Whether students get involved in the Greek system, join an organization that capitalizes on specific talents or become student leaders, getting involved on campus maximizes the college experience, adding to the knowledge that goes on inside the classroom. Aside from warnings about cafeteria food, getting involved is the most important message sent to students, because getting involved is really the only way to make college a memorable experience. I