Retail Guide: Shopping surrounds UM

The Village of Merrick Park
IJust a few blocks away from UM, Merrick Park is an upscale shopping retreat full of boutiques and high-end retail stores. Anchored by department stores Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, the Village of Merrick Park is designed as both a private and commercial complex. A retail addicts’ dream, the Village of Merrick Park contains 115 shops and restaurants combined with several luxurious apartments lofted at bird’s eye view over the courtyard of the shopping below. Architecturally appealing and well designed – look closely and you’ll find that the mall is shaped like UM’s green and orange U – the Village of Merrick Park is an excellent place to shop for items that are just beyond the price range of an average mall.
358 Avenue San Lorenzo

Sunset Place
IDirectly off of US-1 Sunset Place is the closest to campus and the shopping center that caters to almost every need. An outdoor shopping center with a Mediterranean motif, Sunset Place offers an array of shopping choices, from the Gap to Urban Outfitters, with choices accommodating every desire. But Sunset Place is more than just a shopping refuge; it provides entertainment as well with Gameworks, Virgin Megastore, and an AMC-24 movie theater. 5201 Sunset Dr.
Dadeland Mall
IApproximately 15 minutes from campus. Dadeland Mall is a renowned Miami shopping center, providing some of the best stores in a condensed area. The list includes Zara, Coach, Vertigo, Sephora, Abercrombie & Fitch, The Sharper Image, and a plethora of other recognized labels. Corner of US 1 and Kendall Dr.

The Falls
ICommuning with nature, The Falls shopping center is a long stretch of outdoor stores in South Miami. Complete with a rock waterfalls and a fluid stream running throughout, The Falls is comprised of dozens of stores and several restaurants. Nestled between the palms and the bubbling sound of the rushing water, shopping at The Falls is like shopping at a tropical paradise, a retreat from the continuous buzz of shoppers that can be heard in an indoor mall.
8888 SW 136th St