Lowe Art Museum displays true art

The art community of South Florida is only now slowly blossoming; with the addition of new art galleries, Miami Art Central, and expansions to the Museum of Contemporary Art, South Florida is beginning to take a stance in the art world. However, despite the sudden obsession with self-expression and young artists, the Lowe Art Museum, located on the main thoroughfare of the University of Miami campus, has been educating students, professors, and national and international visitors for years.

Divided into different galleries, the Lowe Art Museum holds several permanent and traveling exhibitions. The only museum in the area to own a full exhibition of Greek, Roman, and Egyptian antiquities, the museum prides itself in finding a balance between classic and modern art. Combined with exhibits that specialize in Renaissance, Native American, and late 19th and 20th century art, the museum offers a wide selection of pieces contained in its permanent collections, appealing to the interests of any art enthusiast.

In addition, the Lowe has galleries that house traveling collections that arrive through the University’s fairly recent connection with the Museum Loan Network, allowing exhibits such as Ink, Water, Brush, Hand and Heart: Painting from the Chinese Collection and MA DEVI: GREAT GODDESS OF INDIA to take up temporary residence within the Lowe Museum. As quoted from the mission statement of the Lowe Art Museum, the Lowe “Supports, extends and enriches the mission of the University of Miami for students, faculty, scholars, residents, and visitors to South Florida to appreciate and more fully comprehend art and its history.” Opened in 1952 as the first art museum in South Florida, the Lowe Art Museum is an exceptional part of the University of Miami’s campus, supplying all who encounter the museum with an experience that is both educational and enjoyable. I

Admission to The Lowe is free for University of Miami students, faculty and staff, as well as museum members and children under age 12. Adults are $5, Students Groups are $2, and Senior Citizens and regular students are $3.