Information Technology introduces MyUM service

As students begin to prepare themselves to tackle the upcoming school year, they’ll find Information Technology’s [IT] services helpful, especially with this fall’s launch of a new student interface portal called MyUM.

“MyUM is a personalized website that will provide each student with 24/7 access to UM information and services,” said Dr. Mary Sapp, Assistant Vice President of Planning and Institutional Research.

Services available include EASY, Blackboard, student e-mail, and access to the Toppel Center. Registration times, overage checks availability, and final grades are only a few of the important things provided through MyUM.

“No waiting in long lines to get answers to questions. No searching through thousands of pages on the web to find an answer. Information is available to each student when he or she needs it, not just during business hours,” Sapp said. “Course assignments, e-mail, grades, student organizations, and much more are all available in one place.”

One feature of MyUM is that students will also be able to customize their portals; filter options can be set so that the information received is tailored to the student’s needs. Another feature is group/collaboration tools that work much like Yahoo! Groups to support student organizations, committees, and work groups. Now student organizations can set up discussion boards and create photo albums of events, committees can share documents, and alumni can participate in mentoring groups where students can have their portfolios reviewed and have discussions — over discussion boards — with alumni who are in the business.

The site will also cover IT’s availability and services over the ‘Back To School’ period, Aug. 20-24, when students return to campus.

In addition to MyUM, the tried and true system’s at the University will remain in place.

CaneNet, the university’s student computer network, allows students in residential colleges to do everything from surf the Internet to spend hours chatting online, all for free and without tying up their phone lines. To help students get connected to the network, each residential college will set up an area where students can get assistance with CaneNet, purchase hardware, and create e-mail accounts during Back to School Weekend.

Using EASY, UM’s one-stop source for university-related information, students have access to their academic records, course registration, on-campus recruiting opportunities, and financial aid information with the use of their student ID and pin number. Through the EASY system, students are also able to vote in the student government elections held during the spring. Although currently located at, all of EASY’s services will be accessible through one place with the integration of the new MyUM portal. I

>> IT encourages students to visit their Back To School website at