HIT the CLUBS: Coconut Grove’s HotSpots are extraordinarily popular among students

IFrom the outside this dingy bar in Coconut Grove doesn’t seem to be much of anything but starting Thursday nights and continuing into the weekend, Tavern is one of UM’s students most popular hotspots. Maybe it’s the mix tape the plays over the speakers or the swarm of students the fill the narrow dim-lit bar; no one really knows. Either way, Tavern is UM’s “college bar.”
3416 Main Highway // Coconut Grove // 305-447-3884

Sand Bar and Grill
Entering Coconut Grove at night would not be the same without the lights and line outside of Sand Bar. UM’s other “college bar” Sand Bar is entertaining any night of the week, providing good eats, good drinks, and plenty of good music. Sand Bar is definitely a place to visit.
3426 Main Hwy // Coconut Grove // 305-444-5270

Mr. Moe’s
A late night hotspot, Moe’s comes to life around 2 a.m. when throngs of students and night owls flock to Moe’s for some good moose juice and a grand time.
3131 Commodore Plaza. // Coconut Grove // 305-442-1114

Margarita Momma’s and Banana Joe’s
Located in CocoWalk, Margarita Momma’s and Banana Joes is a split-level club, with Momma’s on the top and Joe’s on the bottom. Full of Latin beats and couples who dance salsa and merengue, Margarita Momma’s is no comparison to the hip-hop and rap that blasts from the speakers below at Banana Joe’s. Not quite as popular as some of the other hangouts in the Grove, Margarita Momma’s and Banana Joe’s are still a great time when the timing is just right.
3rd and 4th levels of CocoWalk
3015 Grand Avenue // Coconut Grove // 305-461-1118