Greek Life at UM offers a bounty of opportunities

If the words Fraternity, Sorority, or Greek Life were mentioned in the 60’s or 70’s, people would commonly associate them with keg parties, skipping class and the socially elite. However, as college campuses nationwide have changed, so have the roles of fraternities and sororities on every campus.
Fraternities and sororities may have, at one time, directed all their time to wild keg parties and late night escapades, but no more. Fraternities and sororities have refocused their time and energy back to the convictions of brotherhood/sisterhood, scholarship, athletics and success.
The University of Miami has an outstanding Greek community that excels in all areas of campus life. The Student Government president and treasurer are Greek. Greek members hold approximately 85% of all leadership positions at the University of Miami. There are also many prominent administrators who are Greek: Provost Luis Glaser, Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Patricia A. Whitely, Deans of Students William Sandler, and Gregory R. Singleton, Associate Dean of Students and Greek Life Advisor. Greek life encompasses all facets of the University experience, and joining a fraternity or sorority is an unforgettable experience.
UM Greek Life is recognized by four national affiliations; many universities are lucky to have two on campus. Found within the Coral Gables campus there are over 25 individual Greek organizations, headed by four governing bodies, and all lying within the jurisdiction of the Association of Greek Letter Organizations. All members of Greek Life contribute to the uniqueness of UM’s Greek community and are all bound by the founding ideals behind Greek Life.
During the academic year, you will see many Greek organizations all over campus. In the fall, fraternities and sororities are highly visible competing during Homecoming. In the spring, during Greek Week all organizations compete to raise money for a designated philanthropy. Last year, the Greek community raised almost $10,000 for United Cerebral Palsy. There will be times where fraternities and sororities will hold individual competitions to raise money for their individual philanthropies. Long lasting memories arise every year from Delta Phi Epsilon’s Deepher Dudes, or Lambda Chi Alpha’s Watermelon Bust, just to name a few.
When you join a Greek organization, your membership lasts forever. Fraternities and sororities are organizations every person can stay involved with after you graduate. Also, since alumni are so active, it is easy to connect with alumni who are experts in their field of study. Many times alumni of fraternities are able to write reference letters, give internships, or help get members jobs after college. The opportunities are endless.
Recruitment will begin as soon as school begins. Fraternity and sorority recruitment is very different. During the summer, each new student will get a mailing that then can send in to register for fall recruitment. However, registering for recruitment in no way obligates you to join a fraternity or sorority. Recruitment is organized so all new and returning students can meet all the fraternities and sororities. I

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