Architecture students spend an intensive semester abroad in Rome

Arch of Titus. San Ambrogio. Etruscan Necropolis. Hadrian’s Villa. To any artist, historian, traveler or wonderer, these names are among the many renowned structures that capture the magic enmeshed in Rome.

The School of Architecture, founded in 1991, transformed these textbook images into three-dimensional tools of study by sponsoring fall and spring semester study abroad programs in Rome, Italy.

For one semester, a select group of students and faculty members have the opportunity to undergo an intensive experience in design, theory, and the history of architecture through design studio and seminar courses, complemented by site visits and notable readings and lectures.

Course subjects include: Design in the Historical Context, Theory of Urban Form, Ancient, Renaissance, Baroque and Modern Architectural History, Drawing as a Means of Architectural Knowledge, and the History of Gardens.

The curriculum for each semester includes one design studio and three seminar courses, which total 15 credits.

The School of Architecture has ensured that this unique experience exploits all of its many opportunities with the exploration of surrounding areas. Excursions are taken to Tuscany, the Veneto, Umbria, Lazio and Sicily.

In addition to this, there is a two-week trip to other European cities such as Barcelona, Spain, and Paris, France.

The program is open to students entering their fourth and fifth years.

The director of the program is Jose Gelabert-Navia and the coordinator is Carmen Guerrero. Faculty members include Sonia Chao, David Fix, Gary Greenan, Carmen Guerrero, Jean-Francois Lejeune, Nicholas Patricios, and Tom Spain.

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