Why liberals are going to cost us the war on terror

In 1992, James Carville and George Stephanopoulos came up with a haiku to simplify the essence of Bill Clinton’s campaign. It went like this: “Change versus more of the same; it’s the economy stupid; remember health care.” Very simple, very eloquent and very effective. Fast-forward 12 years to John Kerry. Not so simple, not so eloquent, but effective in a limited, partisan sort of way. I think Kerry deserves his own haiku: “Bush sucks; I’m not Bush; Vote for me!” Like the liberal inability to see the big picture, the lack of eloquence in Kerry’s haiku is paralleled only by his complete lack of substance. While this is good enough for the Democratic Party, will it be good enough for most other people? Having a familiarity with individuals more historic than Howard Dean and Ralph Nader might help one to answer that question.

The reason why liberals are going to cost us the war on terror is that, first, they’re incapable of understanding that we’re even in a war; they still think this is a law enforcement matter. Second, they don’t seem to grasp that this hatred for us started long before Jan. 20, 2001, and that our enemies aren’t people who ever had any interest in dialogue. They just want us all dead, because our way of life conflicts with theirs and that is unacceptable to them. There is no talking and no discussion. There’s just killing all of us, even those liberals who think George W. Bush is solely responsible for 9/11. Finally, like Kerry, liberals believe the world actually works the way they think it does. It’s not entirely their fault. Day after day they inundate themselves with the most ridiculously na