Letter to the Editor 2

To the Editor:

I was extremely surprised and disappointed to read the editorial in Tuesday’s paper (The Hurricane, April 27) discussing the possible closing of the Butler Volunteer Services Center.
Unfortunately, no one on the editorial staff ever called to verify the accuracy of the rumor. If they had, we would have unequivocally pledged complete support for the Volunteer Services Center. In fact, the closing of the Volunteer Services Center has never even been discussed in any venue.
As you duly noted, the Volunteer Services Center contributes much to the University and surrounding community each day. The Volunteer Services Center makes a difference in many lives and the University has no intention of changing its mission, staffing, or space.
Too bad The Hurricane didn’t do its homework.


Patricia A. Whitely
Vice President for Student Affairs

Editor’s Note: The Hurricane attempted on several occasions to contact administrators to get their perspective on this topic. Due to time constraints, we were unable to do so before press time.