Seeing as this is our last issue of the year, and the prevailing theme across the paper is that of top 10s, we, too, have a list: the top 10 things that need to get done for the fall semester – a “to do” list, if you will, to challenge the administration, keep it on its toes and keep improving the university that we all know and love.
So, without further ado (and in no particular order)…

Review the tenure of professors who, quite frankly, suck (yes, we can give you names – just ask). Thankfully, this isn’t the case with the majority of tenured faculty, but student evaluations should seriously be taken into account so that simply because a professor has tenure, he or she doesn’t let the quality of his or her classes slide. It’s our education on the line.

Place trash cans more strategically around campus. It seems like you need a telescope in order to find them sometimes. This, of course, is in addition to actually establishing an effective recycling program on campus that gives students the opportunity to separate paper, plastics and aluminum cans in their dorms and around the University.

Decide – and, more importantly, publicize – how student tickets for the Presidential Debate will be allocated. Students should be told up front not only that there will be very few tickets available, but exactly how many and how they will be allotted to students. Nothing’s worse than rampant speculation on University policies, and, given that this will be the main event on campus next semester, the ticket situation needs to be clarified as soon as possible.

Implement an Asian Studies program. The Asian and Asian-American student population on campus has demonstrated its presence time after time through events like Screaming Monkeys, South Beach Bhangra Night and Asian-American Awareness Week, as well as a petition for Hindi classes. The University should recognize these efforts by laying out a realistic plan and timetable for adding an Asian Studies program to the curriculum.

Install ATMs in the Hecht, Stanford and Eaton. Although we admit that this is more of a wish than an urgent item, it would be much more convenient to be able to withdraw money without having to walk to the UC or the Wellness Center, particularly at night or when it’s raining.
Allow for the use of credit cards on campus. Many students don’t have ‘Cane Express money, run out of Dining Dollars during the first week of the semester or simply don’t carry cash around. Furthermore, we have credit card companies coming to sell their product on campus, but we can’t use them? Ah, the irony.

Speed up the service at the Rat. Granted, it’s a student-run establishment – the only safe one where things are freshly made and there’s less fear of a cockroach floating up in your coffee – but too often, students decide not to taste the Rat’s delectables due to how long it takes for the food to be ready. More students working there might do the trick and have a positive side effect: more on-campus work positions for students.

Fix the slippery sidewalks and stairs of certain buildings on campus. We’ve all tripped and fallen at some point or another, or seen someone else trip and fall and, let’s face it, laughed at them. Considering how much it rains in Miami, it would be nice to go to class without having to worry about broken arms and dislocated kneecaps.

Student Government, keep your promises. The honeymoon is over, and while extended library hours are indeed helpful, by the time fall rolls around, we want our free, legal music shareware and laundry, our headphones in the machines at the Wellness Center and color printing at the library. Don’t think we will have forgotten your campaign promises by August – or that we won’t criticize you if you don’t follow through. You’ve been warned.

Bring college-appropriate events to the Convocation Center. No more Bob the Builder, Barney and Winnie-the-Pooh, please! As much as we love the big, purple dinosaur (Not!), this is college, where we’re supposed to have cool, popular, relevant-to-our-age-group concerts at reasonable student prices. I love you, you love me, please bring stuff we want to see…