Going in the Backdoor…
Monday was Backdoor Bamby’s Eight Year anniversary at Crobar. The infamous south beach club has been celebrating Bamby’s promiscuity for a long time now, we’ll see how much longer she lasts.

Just Doesn’t Fit
So how weird is this…Tobacco Road is officially having a Hip-Hop Night. Known for its rock bands and wild debauchery Tobacco Road now offers open mic night every Sunday, combined with Miami’s favorite genre of music, hip-hop.

Another odd combination
So Steven Van Zandt from the Sopranos is teaming up with Dunkin’ Donuts and producing the “Underground Garage Battle of the Bands.” Searching for the next big thing (as everyone says) the competitions will be hosted around the States with the finalist winning a chance to play the main stage at the “Underground Garage” festival for the summer. The competition for Miami will take place at I/O on May 20, 21, and 22. If your still around, hit up this downtown hotspot to watch native Miami rockers battle it out.

And finally…
A big thanks to all our contributers this semester – Shawn, Ross, Linda, Deborah, Matt, Margarita, Marcus, Twiggar, David, Sam and the many others – we couldn’t have done it without y’all.