Fatal Attempts
We have to laugh at the fact that the post office recently reported that they have been sorting through an exorbitant amount of fan mail for the Buffy spin off series, Angel. Since fans have switched to ogling at the beautiful people of the OC or dying to know what happens at the end of Friends, Angel’s ratings have gone to hell (pun intended). We bid Angel adieu as it retreats to its final resting place.

Express yourself….
If your itchin’ to let your voice be heard, Churchill’s Pub sponsors a songwriter’s evening tonight. Combined with some drinkin’ and a sure-to-be lively crowd the event is certain to be promising.

It’s the 99 cent menu
UM’s very own, much loved Wendy’s on the corner of Red Road and US-1 is apparently the busiest Wendy’s in the United States. At least our eating habits are good for something.

And oh yeah…there are only three more days of school left.