To the editor:

I am disappointed by Deborah Acosta’s article on the student production of West Side Story (The Hurricane, April 20). The purpose and place of The Hurricane should not be to trash talk student productions. The language she used in her assault on the actors’ skills was unnecessary. She was rude. Mean. Vulgar. I hope that in the future she will take a more professional approach to her job as a “journalist.” Her comparison between the dancing in West Side Story and the “drunken staggering” at “a certain keg party” was completely uncalled for. There are ways to say that the dancing is unsynchronized without being so vicious. It is also regrettable that the good aspects of the musical were not mentioned until the very end – which was printed on a separate page, and therefore less likely to be seen.

I urge the writers and editors to show better taste in the articles they publish.


Liz Johnson