University Village soon to gain final approval

University Village, the new housing complex planned for upperclassmen, law students and graduate students, is one step closer to being realized. A couple of months ago, after a year of mediation, UM and the neighboring Coral Gables community reached an agreement for the construction of the University Village. The final plan recently went before the City of Coral Gables Planning and Zoning Board, where it received unanimous [5-0] approval. The plan needs to be brought forward at two more meetings to be held on May 11 and May 25 to read the ordinances that will approve the plan once and for all.
“We are one step closer to building student housing – these new apartments will be a great and needed addition for our student population,” Sarah Artecona, assistant vice president for Media and Community Relations, said.

Man charged with sex battery against women’s feet
(U-WIRE) North Carolina State U.

Several women received more than they bargained for when agreeing to participate in a recent “foot survey.” North Carolina State University Campus Police arrested Matthew Scheremeta Wednesday, charging him with sexual battery. The target of the assault: victims’ feet. According to Campus Police, Scheremeta offered several women a chance to participate in a foot survey. Scheremeta told the victims to look away during a foot massage after which he allegedly rubbed his crotch against their feet. In addition to the two incidents reported on Sunday and Wednesday, police say that the subject has victimized several women at the University of California-San Diego as well. According to Sgt. Jon Barnwell of the North Carolina State University Police Department, the speedy arrest was a result of good communication between the police departments on both campuses. Although the subject was charged with two counts of sexual battery, a misdemeanor crime, Barnwell stated that Scheremeta’s previous charges could lead to a more severe punishment.
“His charges in California could be an aggravating factor,” Barnwell said. “There is a good chance to say he could be treated more harshly because of his past.”

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