To the editor:

In response to a letter to the editor in The Hurricane on April 23, it’s interesting to hear criticism of what the College Republicans (CRs) have been doing all year from someone who isn’t even involved in the club (The Hurricane, letter to the editor, April 23).

To say that the College Democrats (Dems) have surpassed us this year in any shape, way or form is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. First, I don’t remember the Dems hosting Janet Reno as a speaker and, even if they did, she works at UM now and really isn’t that difficult to book. Second, the Dems “sponsored” Kerry’s visit to campus; they didn’t get him to come to Miami just to visit UM. They got more recognition for the event than they deserved. Third, the Dems have done nothing all year up until the time Kerry’s rally was announced. The banner campaign that has recently gone up is also in tandem with SpectrUM, which makes me question just how much the Dems really had to do with it.

Now, let’s look at what the CRs have done.

Last October we hosted Florida House Majority leader Marco Rubio. We’ve since hosted other speakers as well. In November we saluted America’s Veterans with our Veteran’s Day Memorial that honored the fallen of the War on Terrorism. In February we hosted a weeklong series of events titled “Elephant Stampede to Victory 2004” with guest speakers and a large kick-off rally. If you don’t remember that, then you aren’t as involved in campus politics as you make yourself out to be, because that was well-publicized with banners, flyers and The Hurricane. In between all that you could ask any CR and they’ll tell you we have been busy with membership-building events like socials, tabling, fundraising and our adopt-a-road clean up. We are also getting members involved in the Bush/Cheney campaign, something you may be interested in.

Trust me, we’re ready for the challenge of the upcoming election. If you truly are a Republican and a strong Bush supporter, we invite you to get involved with the CRs and make a difference in the campaign and get our President re-elected. For all those interested, please visit our website at www.umcrnc.org to learn about our organization.


Pierre Gaunaurd, Chairman

UM College Republicans