Hurricanes unfairly labeled cheaters in newspaper column

Florida State Head Coach Mike Martin accused the Miami Hurricanes of cheating in last week’s baseball series.

What a surprise! A Florida State coach thinking Miami cheats after Miami whooped it on the diamond, taking four out of six games from the Seminoles. Even more alarming is the fact that there is a sportswriter who was actually dumb enough to believe Martin.

Enter Mike Bianchi, who wrote perhaps the most anti-Hurricane column I’ve ever read. Bianchi said that if Martin says that the Hurricanes were stealing signs, then he believes him. How does that work, Mr. Bianchi? What has the ring-less Martin done to deserve the benefit of the doubt over Jim Morris? The answer: Nothing.

Morris runs a classy program from top to bottom. Morris is a great coach who disciplines his players and makes sure that his players do what they are supposed to do on the diamond and in the classroom. How many coaches can we say that about in today’s college athletics?

Bianchi, a writer for the Orlando Sentinel and a guy who obviously has a problem with Miami, said that Martin is one of the classiest guys in college athletics. Joe Paterno, Coach K, Morris – these are guys with class. Martin? I’m not so sure. I know he did not look real classy last Saturday night when he came out of the dugout and threw a temper tantrum on TV after Gaby Sanchez hit a three-run home run on a pitch that my grandmother probably would have hit into the gap.

“The problem in that game was not whether Miami stole signs; it was the FSU pitcher making a terrible pitch that a good hitter took advantage of. If that’s cheating, then I guess any player who ever hit a home run cheats.”

The problem in that game was not whether or not Miami stole signs; it was the FSU pitcher making a terrible pitch that a good hitter took advantage of. If that’s cheating, then I guess any player who ever hit a home run cheats.

Bianchi goes on to say that Miami has been known to cheat in multiple sports. He references the baseball team’s sanctions for illegal recruiting camps. Yet Mr. Bianchi fails to mention that Miami fired people involved with that camp and addressed the problem harshly.

If Miami cheats, then how come Morris kicked pitcher Sean Valdes-Fauli off the team? If the Hurricanes were a squad who only cared about winning, they certainly wouldn’t kick their best set-up man off the team for rule violations.

In questioning Miami’s ethics, Mr. Bianchi brings up Willie Williams. He complains about Miami’s recruitment of Williams and says that ACC schools like Duke and Wake Forest would never consider recruiting a player like that. What a hypocrite! Florida State, an ACC school, was the other school recruiting Williams and if he had chosen Florida State, we all know that hell freezing over would have been a safer bet than the Seminoles revoking his scholarship.

Let me be the first one to remind Mr. Bianchi of that special sale at the department store in Tallahassee. If your name is Peter Warrick or Lavernaeus Coles, you get a special 95 percent savings on all items. Kicker Sebastian Janikowski had several legal problems at Florida State. If we compare lists of problems at Miami to FSU over the last few years, the schools would be pretty close to even.

To me, it sounds like Mr. Bianchi is just another bitter fan of a rival school who is jealous that his favorite team does not have it nearly as good as we do in South Florida.

In conclusion, don’t write about something you didn’t research and know nothing about. I just read his recent column in which he calls the NFL Draft the “biggest scam in TV history.” Some people never learn.

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