EDITORIAL Ladies, please resist the urge

And the new sorority coming to UM is… (drum roll, please)… Alpha Delta Pi.

The addition of another sorority to the University is very exciting to the Greek community, as well as to the soon-to-be-Greek women who are anxiously looking forward to taking part in the founding of this new organization.

Quite frankly, mostly everyone else who is non-Greek – and has no intention of becoming Greek – couldn’t care less.

But, because the Greek community is undoubtedly prominent at UM – they hold around 85 percent of leadership positions on campus – the new sorority deserves some of our time and printing space.

In fact, we take this editorial to make a proposal – a dare, if you will – to the incoming sorority.

Ladies, we have high expectations for you, and we ask of you one thing, and one thing only: don’t live up to the negative stereotype into which some sororities have fallen.

Women in sororities view themselves as charitable, caring members of the community who have a support system to encourage them to become successful students and leaders. In effect, anyone who spends even just a little time around Greeks quickly realizes how involved they are on campus, how many leadership positions they hold and how much time, money and effort they put into their philanthropies and volunteering activities. These are all noble, admirable qualities.

And yet, that isn’t always how they’re seen in the eyes of other people. Greeks’ positive contributions to campus are sometimes overshadowed by things like hazing and wild house parties. Indeed, practically every time Greeks are interviewed for The Hurricane during a major Greek event, they mention the importance of breaking the stereotype many students seem to have of members of fraternities and sororities.

If Greeks are aware of how they’re negatively viewed by non-Greeks and they truly want to change that, then one would think the Greeks would do everything possible to prove everyone wrong.

Lately, however, that has not been the case. One in-your-face example of this is the distasteful T-shirts with double meanings and sexual innuendos that sorority girls proudly wear, becoming victims and creators of their own stereotype. And how about those less-than-impressive UM auctions where women willingly portray themselves as nothing more than sexual objects to be sold off – all acceptable, apparently, in the name of charity, simulated group shower scenes and all.

Why do some of these women insist on maintaining the sorority typecast of nothing more than parties, alcohol, sex and panties?

By promoting themselves in such a negative light, these sorority women are perpetuating the stereotype that they say they are trying so hard to break.

So, to all incoming and future members of Alpha Delta Pi: bring new and exciting ideas, events and female leaders to campus. Dazzle us with your wit, innovation and positive involvement at UM. But if you don’t – if you fall into the world of sleazy tees and wannabe porn stardom – don’t be surprised if we continue to raise an eyebrow and give you some free publicity.