Fat Hed’s, Night Train to Babble On is a poor attempt at making a successful CD. Fat Hed is an MC trying to break through into the rap dominion. However, if he keeps recording this awful music then he most definitely won’t make a dent into an industry beaming with talent. I don’t know where to begin. The music is described as a “cosmic thrill ride” though it doesn’t take me anywhere out of this world.

The beats of the songs are definitely assorted ranging from electronica to freestyle and are atypical for the rap genre. I commend him for daring to experiment with different styles, but unfortunately they don’t work out the way he most likely anticipated they would. Sad to say, the problem isn’t so much the rhythmic backgrounds but Fat Hed’s voice. It’s unquestionably annoying and the main cause for the CD’s downfall. “Cosmic Beam’s” intro seemed promising until Fat Hed’s irksome vocals took over. “People Skit” was the most endurable track to listen to on the entire album – it was also just instrumentals. Overall, this CD lacks in quality, talented vocals, and genuine Hip-hop bumpin’.

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