EDITORIAL Johnny B. Good

Football has lost the spotlight. Well, temporarily at least.

Sen. John Kerry held a rally at UM on Sunday, pushing politics into center stage on campus.

Maybe not entirely: the first thing Kerry mentioned about UM at the rally held on Sunday was how we excel in sports (and the fact that Miami students are good looking…whether or not we really want to be known for these reasons is a different story).

Football and good looks aside, the turnout for the rally was impressive. It was encouraging to see giddy, eager, excited people lining up for hours to enter the rally. The feeling among the crowd was bubbly, energetic and mostly good-humored, and whether or not you agreed with what Kerry said, we all appreciated the opportunity to see a Presidential candidate almost face-to-face.

With this event, our University is officially taking the plunge into the heated Presidential campaign.

Last week, we ran an editorial stating that too many UM students were apathetic regarding national politics. The rally showed that students are fighting this stereotype. It is the first in a series of events that will bring politics to our campus, culminating with the Presidential Debate in September.

In many ways, the rally was unforgettable. It will be a highlight of our college careers, something we will always bring up in family and college reunions. We cherish one of the unique opportunities we have to be so close to a prominent politician – how often do we have a Presidential candidate speaking directly to us as opposed to through a TV screen?

Yes, we enjoyed our clich