This foursome from Orange may be Cali’s sweethearts, but they’ve yet to tug at my heartstrings. This was my first impression with a cursory listen to their CD. However, in giving the album a run through, with the exception of maybe two or three tracks, it’s more than decent and actually enjoyable. So who knows, they might just tug at yours – give them a listen.

Anyway, their debut full-length album is compiled of 11 rock tracks. “Panic” has some good chords before taking off with some heavy rock, but it settles back down to an appealing electronic resonance. After a while, all the tracks start sounding a bit similar, but it’s a good okay. I like “Cover Up” because it has a catchy rhythm to it while maintaining distinctive lyrics – “fill your heart with cause… the better part of me is stolen whenever you go.” I will credit them intriguing guitar intros, causing me to hold back from skipping on to the next track. “We give up sometimes” was one of the better few with a stirring tempo and thumping drums. “I quit my scene” talks about a relationship while “Drive drive drive” definitely got me moving and was my fav. – “we can drive far away, we can start over.” The electronic guitar riffs were pretty good and “Clear and conscious” was an appropriate finale with a leisurely melancholic strumming of the guitar. They remind me somewhat of the pre-fame Blink 182 – Dude Ranch days without being too punk.

And hey, props to them for coming up with a creative and humorous band name. So pick up Name Taken’s album Hold On, which was released last Tuesday.

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