Counting up to about 800 pages, the Guide to Getting it On is the size of some textbooks, however, this textbook is one any person would definitely want to read. Filled to the brim with chapters upon chapters of information about sex, there is no doubt that the book leaves anything uncovered. Not mentioning the occasional hand-drawn and rather explicit pictures that are included, the book is a work of art.

Interestingly, this work of art is a fourth edition, with eight new chapters, 51 new drawings and almost 3,500 updates and text changes. Translated into almost every language, the book speaks to people across the world, reinforcing the idea that sexuality is a universal language. Related to that, the book covers all sorts of topics, leaving no person left behind, transitory of gender or sexual orientation.

The chapters are listed under the “Bed of Contents” which is just a hint for readers at what they are in for. Under the title, some chapters listed are “30,000 Thrilling Vibrations,” “The How-To Part,” “Culture and Kink,” “Gnarly Sex Germs,” “Sex & Sects,” and finally “A Goofy Goodbye.” Behind the table of contents is a “Warning & Disclaimer” that proudly proclaims that although the book is 800 pages of pure sex, it isn’t perfect nor should it have the final say on what goes on inside or outside of the bedroom. A rarity for a sex guide to be written from such a soft standpoint, the writer doesn’t fail to mention the importance of using protection or warning about all the nasty germs that can be contracted from sex; not everything mentioned in the book is meant for everyone.

As acknowledged in the book, sex is merely a reflection of the fashion for that time being, but for now, the Guide to Getting It On is by far the best manual for anything sex-related. A winner of three awards and recipient of several rave reviews by magazines, press, and journals, the Guide to Getting It On is completely worth the money spent. Any reader would be amazed at the things seen and learned within the pages of this text.

The Guide to Getting It On is $19.95 and can be found in most bookstores.

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