CD REVIEW Aerosmith & Alice Cooper: sex, drugs and revitalization

A friend of mine once told me a great quote, “I believe it was Prince who said, ‘Act your age not your shoe size.'” Those in the business of rock have never seemed to live by that rule and it makes sense, especially if you are successful and even if just for a little while, you want the ride to last as long as possible. In such a paradigm how can you continue making music with a fresh sound, especially when you might know of a sound that is guaranteed to sell well. Both ’70s rock icons Alice Cooper and Aerosmith came across this problem at the same point in their careers, about 25 years ago when the ’80s were just around the corner. Over the next few years they would battle their demons of drugs and alcohol, leaving behind their creative and popular peak the decade before. Still, they never stopped making music- while one took the road of innovation and received little notice the other went back to the top and made some of the most clich