A Week 4 Life educates about HIV/AIDS

Every minute, about 10 people contract the HIV virus worldwide, according to the American Foundation for AIDS Research. Student organizations, fueled by this alarming statistic and other facts, launched A Week 4 Life [AW4L] 11 years ago to educate students about HIV/AIDS prevention and the impact that it has had domestically and worldwide.

“Our aim is to remove the stigma from HIV,” said Thomas Spann, program director of the Red Cross prevention in Miami-Dade and the Keys. “Once we start talking about it, people can get help.”

The week kicked off with Pandemic Movies in the residential colleges highlighting the effect of AIDS in Thailand, Brazil and Uganda.

An informational AIDS forum was held Tuesday night to inform students about statistics and research and to prompt student discussion about their concerns.

Panelists included Dr. Karen Wyche, associate professor of the psychology department, sophomore T