FASHION SWEAT IT: UM students’ distinctive fashion sense

What do you get when you mix mod Brits, funky South Americans, gorgeous California beach bums, and dare to bare it all Floridians? UM’s eclectic fashion sense.

Miami is a cultural breeding ground for chic style and the latest trends, and so is this university that proudly calls Miami its home. If you look around on an average day when everyone is changing classes, you’ll notice how many UM students really are showing off their great fashion sense in a myriad of ways. From your South American funk: low slung ripped jeans, flashy bright sneakers, big earrings, and that I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-but-damn-I-look-good sex appeal, to the ever-popular California surfer boy look: worn shorts, Rainbow flip flops, tousled hair, vintage tees, and perfectly bronzed skin. Even those who cross the pond to study here bring their eclectic yet elegant style from England. The girls clad in Topshop and Miss Selfridge’s latest bright chiffon tops with their mod jewelry and killer boots; to the men wearing their soccer jerseys and patriotic sports wristbands. It’s evident that students come here from different parts of the world bringing their native styles with them. However, fashion isn’t just about what you’re wearing but how you strut your stuff or show your duds. I tried to focus on those individuals who didn’t just look good in the clothes they were wearing but in their own skin. Trying to stay away from the trends that just need to go away (i.e. Juicy Couture slip dresses and novelty shirts from UO). Since last week EDGE indulged you with fashion faux pas, better known as fashion don’ts, this week I’ve decided to focus on what makes UM such a breeding ground for fashion. Just realize that in the end, the number of people who dare to take risks and be different in a good way, outweigh those who just follow the flock.

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