Recently released by Vanguard records, Bob Schneider delivers one of the most thought-provoking and lyrically driven records, titled I’m Good Now. Once, part of many bands, such as the Scabs and Ugly Americans, before finally settling down, Schneider writes all of the songs that appear on the 13 track, 50 minute CD. With highs and lows, the record is exquisitely written, rousing thoughts about relationships, God, and growing up, among other things. While Schneider uses interesting metaphors and often comes across quite sarcastic and twisted, his metaphors speak words at another level. One metaphor in fact states, “I thought I found love but all it was, was underwear,” a true statement often felt by those whipped into an initial frenzy by the idea of falling in love.

From “Medicine” to “Capn Kirk,” Schneider uses guitar riffs, piano, and subtle melodies to help communicate his messages. These messages range in scope, easing the soul, warming the heart, and flat out stimulating hours of soul searching. Schneider’s album truly exemplifies an artist who is comfortable with his work. The ease felt in his voice is parallel to that of a storyteller, making it effortless to picture sitting around with Schneider and his guitar drinking “cervezas” (as he states in the title track) and enjoying good company. Granted, Schneider obviously isn’t aimed to the pop princess, ghetto bling, or anti-everything of the many other musical genres. However, Schneider’s music is not exclusionary. As noted in the “thank you’s” of the album, Schneider states, “thanks to Vanguard for finally putting this m@#$%cker out there. Amen.” A rarity, it is in fact the listeners who should thank Vanguard for having the faith to allow Schneider to be genuine; lyrically, creatively, and musically.

Note: To anyone who picks up Bob Schneider’s I’m Good Now, prepare to make permanent space for 13 tracks in the CD player, mp3 player, or whatever the hell you use to listen to this amazing album.

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