The Apprentice…
The Apprentice’s Katrina Campins and Ereka Vetrini hosted the official “Apprentice Girls” party at Mansion on Saturday night, April 3. Interestingly, there was no guest list, so either the party just wasn’t good enough to have one or something really strange was going on. Otherwise, as of late, South Beach hasn’t been matching up to its reputation.

Bounce Back
Walking away from the cash register is not always the greatest experience, especially at a store where money flies out of the wallet on very quick wings. However, Urban Outfitters has now added a complimentary sampler CD to every person’s graffiti adorned bag. The CD contains songs from The Thrills, Modest Mouse, The Walkmen, and Franz Ferdinand. Many golf claps to Urban for trying to get the word out about some amazing artists.

Still going…
So much for saying sayonara to Spring Break. South Beach was again packed this weekend with plenty of ghost like Northerners trying to add some color to their never-seen-the sun skin.