FEC plays April Fool’s joke on its members

On March 31, all members of the Federation of Cuban Students [FEC], known as FECkers, received an email from the FEC executive board explaining that, at the Senate meeting that day, FEC was kicked out of their office and had until Friday at noon to empty out their belongings. The email encouraged FECkers to stay unified and said FEC would continue with or without an office, being that they consider themselves a “strong entity.” It turns out the leadership at FEC has a sense of humor and that the email was merely an April Fool’s joke.

Sigma Chi fraternity’s secrets offered on eBay before removal

Indiana Daily Student (Indiana U.)


Police say U. Wisconsin student’s abduction a hoax

U-WIRE- U. Wisconsin

Madison Police say they have found inconsistencies in University of Wisconsin sophomore Audrey Seiler’s story after she admitted she was not abducted from her apartment. Madison Police are not pursuing an armed suspect that could have abducted Seiler four days before her finding. At a press conference Friday afternoon, police chief Noble Wray said the Madison police department obtained additional information leading investigators to believe Seiler’s story was bogus.

“[We believe] Audrey Seiler was not abducted at knife point,” Wray said at the press conference. “We do not believe that there is a suspect at large, period.”

Wray pointed out several “inconsistencies” in Seiler’s statement about her abduction from her Regent apartment Saturday morning, and then her added testimony saying she was not abducted from her apartment but at the marsh in southern Madison where she was found. Seiler, though police have debunked her story, has not “admitted to” lying about an abduction at this time. Wray said police are still investigating the incident and did not rule out filing charges against Seiler in the future.


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