To the Editor:

I was able to read the latest editorial piece in The Hurricane. It was an apology for not running an advertisement but the writer never once mentioned what the advertisement was about. The apology just went on. I guess they thought that the controversy over not printing this advertisement had already caused such uproar on campus that everyone would know what they were talking about without ever mentioning it. However, readers such as myself, who only read The Hurricane occasionally, have no earthly idea what they are talking about. So the question remains: Why would you write an opinion piece about your decision not to print an advertisement if you’re too cowardly to discuss the details of the ad and the reasons why you didn’t print it? I found this editorial to be utterly pathetic from a journalistic standpoint.


Robert Bandes
UM parent

Editor’s Note: In the aforementioned issue (April 12, 2004), there was an article explaining the contents of the advertisement on page 3 of the News section.