Bennacer quietly concludes accomplished career at UM

The intensity in Sihem Bennacer’s hazel eyes can be seen every time she walks onto the court.

Though quiet off the court, Bennacer, a senior on the women’s tennis team, is a true warrior when her matches begin. In her final season playing for the Hurricanes, Bennacer has enjoyed some memorable moments.

In her last match against UCF, Bennacer clinched the match for the Hurricanes by defeating her opponent, Amira Samara, 6-4, 6-1. Bennacer boasts a 14-4 singles record and a .778 winning percentage this season.

Coming from Algiers, Algeria, and the Algerian National Tennis Team, Bennacer has much experience in the game. After leaving her homeland for Miami, she has strived to do her best as a Hurricane. Even as a freshman, Bennacer compiled a 15-7 singles record and 17-8 doubles record. Bennacer has grown over the last four years into a woman who has learned how to master her talent, although in her eyes there is always work to be done.

“There are always things to work on. There is always room for improvement,” Bennacer said. “So definitely my work is never done.”

Don’t say that to her competitors, however. In doubles matches this season Bennacer has performed equally as impressive as her singles matches. This season she has a 14-5 record in doubles, making her one of the toughest Hurricanes to compete against.

Bennacer has been an asset for the Hurricanes this season. She has aided the women in their jump in the rankings from No. 22 in the beginning of their season to No. 15 currently. Though quiet and modest off the court, Bennacer has in some ways been a silent champion.

“I’ve had pretty good matches lately, but there is still much to be done,” Bennacer said.

More notable than her unquestionable talent is her love for the game. Every time she walks onto the court, she displays the passion she has for the sport with each shout after a powerful hit. As she simply puts it, “I just love the game.”

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