CD REVIEWS LouQuo says something far from so long

From the first chords of the first track, “Perique,” louque, pronounced “Luke,” makes a sultry statement. The debut album of louque, named for frontman Dustan Louque, is a mesmerizing mix of hypnotizing beats and soothing vocals. Using leading man Dustan Louque’s Cajun background, the record utilizes influences from folk, soul, electronic, and raw piano, creating a unique and addicting sound in and of it’s own. Featuring a mix of slow, soul infused songs, the album called So Long consists of nine rhythmical tracks, including a cover of Mazzy Star’s “Cry Cry.” Much like falling in love, the album is a blur of stories and moving lyrics, swaying the body to a sensual beat, providing the perfect soundtrack for a small festivity, a serene evening, or a whimsical romp with a special someone.

The record begs to be played over and over, serving as a staple in any technology meant to deliver music. However, listeners are to be cautioned, as a sense of nostalgia does ensue after listening to such songs as “Time Will Take” and piano filled “Art.” Either way, louque delivers, and keeps delivering even after the play button has been worn down.

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