They might have won the New York International Music Festival, but I remain unimpressed. The CD didn’t grab me or leave me wanting more. Frankly, I didn’t even want to finish listening to the first song, but I did. Listening to the next one and the next and the result was a bland imitation of 1990’s alternative rock. It’s not that I hated it or found it unbearable I just didn’t particularly enjoy it. My apathy partially stems from the CD’s low quality sound, making the music sound grainy at times. The songs are lyrically weak; track seven fooled me at first starting off pretty well lyrically and then just goes down hill. The instrumental intro to almost every song, with the exception of track three which starts off exactly like track one, are interesting and eclectic but after about the 15-30 second mark the song comes way off track. The lead vocalist doesn’t quite grasp his range and at times, especially in track six, he goes quite off tune. The drumming is usually off in most tracks and usually doesn’t go very well with the song, and the guitar-solos are quite pretentious. The band seems to make too much of an effort to sound like Incubus or Soundgarden, and doesn’t fully develop. The songs don’t follow a coherent path; they change sounds constantly and several times within one song. Overall they need work, but aren’t totally hopeless.

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