BOOK REVIEW This Book Will Change Your Life might not really, but it will provide some laughs

“Self-improvement,” “meaning of nothingness,” “breakdowns of meaning,” all words that plaster the front cover of a three hundred and sixty five page book titled, This Book Will Change Your Life. At first glance, the blindingly yellow book grabs attention, luring readers to flip through its ridiculous pages. Written by Benrik, supposed, “authors of works of literary distinction at commonsense prices,” the concept of the book is that by following each days instructions, at the end of one year a reader’s life will be completely changed. Starting from page one, the book is filled to the brim with ridiculous antics and even funnier drawings and comments to accompany the practically ludicrous instructions for the days. Summarized as “part instruction manual, part therapy, part religious cult, part sheer anarchy,” the book is all consuming, taking up at least five minutes of each day to make note of the day’s “change your life” activity. Activities include advocating sunbathing topless, staring at everyone as if they are the love of your life, and eating nothing but red meat for a day. As part of the absurdity of the book, each day has a box for notes, so that essentially the book becomes an activity and readers participate. One can only think that it would be quite humorous to look back through the pages and view one’s thoughts as each activity or day’s events are recorded.

Point being, whether readers buy This Book Will Change Your Life, because they are gullible enough to believe that the book will really influence life events or they just want a few laughs, this 300-something page book is down right hysterical. Pick up a copy for some light-hearted laughter and easy entertainment.

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