SG UPDATE: Tough competition for positions of Speaker, Speaker Pro Tempore

Elections for Speaker of the Senate were held during the SG meeting before Spring Break. The Speaker’s job is to govern meetings, keep order, and form a creative environment in which the Senators can start and complete projects.

“I think it’s really important for a Speaker to be there to accommodate his Senators,” Francine Madera, Panhellenic Senator, said. There were four hopefuls to take over incumbent Carlos Echeverri’s position: Commuter Senator Peter Groverman, Arts & Sciences Senator Mike Levine , Business Administration Senator Jeff Miller , and Speaker Pro Tempore Justice T. Walker .

“Competition was tough this year and there was a run-off unlike last year,” Eric Frankel, SG Parliamentarian, said.

Each candidate came armed with copies of his resume and platforms for Speaker, as well as a rehearsed speech to entice the voters. Levine and Miller made it to the run-offs.

Levine’s supporters pointed out that he was unmatched in starting and completing projects, and if promoted to Speaker would get even more done for the school.

“Levine has it for experience,” Scott Rubenstein, IFC Senator, said. “He has a great track record for getting projects completed, and still has time to help others and the school.”

Miller’s supporters favored his leadership style and thought he’d be a good motivator and go-to guy.

“His assets are geared towards running a meeting,” Brandon Winston, Business School senator, said. “He’d be the best at maintaining good relations with all Senate members.”

Miller took the title in the run-off election. He aims to make SG more prominent and facilitate all Senators to achieve their maximum potential.

“Jeff Miller and I don’t see eye to eye on pretty much anything,” Danny Alvarez, Spectrum Senator, said. “But I think he will be a really good Speaker, and make SG a more active force on campus.”

In this week’s Speaker Pro Tempore elections, Victor Cueto, Patricia Escuder, Peter Groverman, and Gus Rearte all stood to run, but it was Escuder who took the role, citing the importance of keeping her double-role as Speaker Pro Tempore and her position as Senator. She had a very hands-on approach to people management that the Senators obviously responded well to.

We say good-bye to former Speaker Echeverri and Speaker Pro-Tempore Walker, and wish good luck to both Miller and Escuder.

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