Sadowski bids farewell to UM, The Hurricane

The Hurricane recently sat down with Scott Sadowski, SG president for 2003-2004, to look back upon his term and discuss the highlights of the year.

Sadowki listed what he felt the most notable projects under his reign as president:

Among them, the 24-hour library during finals, the new SG website, the Hecht dining hall renovations, the extension of the Ibis Ride Thursday night shuttles, the incorporation of the sushi stand in the food court, and the planning of an off-campus retreat for all of SG. He commended his chiefs of staff for instituting such programs as “Cane for a Day” and a medical mentoring program.

Sadowski feels his biggest accomplishment as SG president was instituting the new 24-hour library schedule.

“That was kind of my first big success,” Sadowski said. “Sometimes you are always most proud of your first accomplishments.

When asked what he would remember most about the year, Sadowski replied without hesitation that he would take with him memories of the people on his SG board. “This was the first time that there wasn’t any dissent among the ranks,” he said. “The team thing doesn’t get played up enough.

According to Sadowski, one of the strengths of this year’s board was its ability to pick up new projects. Sadowski’s concentrated on fixing SG from the inside, making it more efficient and organized. “The Senators have power again,” Sadowski said.

He feels that this is the most notable asset of his board.

“Last year, it was definitely like the Mike Johnston show, which was good and bad,” Sadowski said, referring to the 2002-2003 SG executive board. Sadowski was proud that he took less of a role as an individual and worked more as a team with his board.

Any surprises during his term?

“Getting repeatedly blasted by the newspaper,” Sadowski immediately said. “Under such a spotlight, it’s so easy to criticize.” Sadowski cited The Hurricane as the only problem he dealt with during his presidency.

While he was pleased with the newspaper’s role in promoting SG elections, Sadowski was particularly offended by The Hurricane editorial endorsing an SG candidate. The editorial did not endorse any of the current executive board members. “It was tough to see the newspaper ruin the lives of three students,” he said.

When asked about any changes he would have made, Sadowski said, “Quite frankly, I think there needed to be someone from the newspaper on my exec board.”

In June, after he graduates with a degree in finance, Sadowski will begin work in asset management and institutional sales at a corporation in New York. He said he will take away with him many of the skills he learned through SG.

“I felt like the CEO here, and I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned.”

Sadowski has been meeting with new SG president Vance Aloupis three to four times a week to ensure that Aloupis is brought up to speed in a timely manner and that the transition between SG boards will be as smooth as possible.

“I don’t want to be telling Vance what to do,” Sadowski said. “That’s what’s going to make them successful – finding their niche.”

Sadowski left some advice for Vance. “Cherish the relationships that you have with both administration and students in SG.”

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