To the editor:

This is in response to Mr. Arauz’s article, “Crickets, Coffee, and a Side of Cockroach.” The thing that I found most surprising about it was the fact that everyone said it was the first time they had heard about the problem. I lived in Hecht Residential College last year and found bugs in my hot chocolate from that machine twice (why I went back a second time, I don’t know). My roommate also found roaches in hers, and I know that I heard about other people finding more creepy-crawlies. I also know that it was reported to the front desk. Why this problem was not fixed, I don’t know, and I only regret that this was not exposed. I only wish that more research had been done before publishing the article, such as asking students who had lived in Hecht previous years. Hopefully the machine will be fixed for real this time.


Katherine Henry