Learning to appreciate music outside of your genre can sometimes be extremely difficult, especially when you are head strong on what you like. Listening to Keb’ Mo’s fifth studio album Keep It Simple, allowed me to understand what true music really is. Always wondering why adults insult the current state of R&B music, listening to Keb’ Mo’ provided a chance to hear what contemporary music is lacking. The title held truth, in a sense, that Keb’ Mo’ definitely keep his approach simple and focused more on lyrics instead of trying to distract the listener with overly produced tracks. This album, reminded me almost of a Norah Jones album, because like Norah, Keb’ Mo’ has a distinctive voice and the music is a combination of blues and R&B, the only difference though, is the lack of an urge to fall asleep. The 12 songs on the album were written or co-written by Keb’ Mo’ and each song reflects his various personal experiences. The songs that stood out on the album were “Shave Yo Legs,” which is a song about unconditional love and acceptance. On the greasy blues title track “Keep It Simple,” Keb’ Mo’ yearns to return to a less complicated time. In the song, he sings, “I don’t want to be a superman. I just want to go somewhere and use my hands and keep it simple”. His message of simplicity can be a source of inspiration to us all, especially now that we are at the stage in our lives where our actions and choices will shape our future. In the words of Keb’Mo’, remember to “keep it simple.”

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