Madrid bombing shows world that terrorism works

Recently we have witnessed the worst terror attack on Spanish soil. In this attack around 200 innocent men, women and children were needlessly and brutally murdered. This attack is already being called “Europe’s 9/11.” I remember on Sept. 11, 2001, the United States said in one loud, clear voice that we will take on this war against terrorism and we will not relent until we have defeated these enemies of freedom. After learning of the attack in Spain, I knew that the Spanish people would meet these dangers with the same resolve. But now I am not so sure.

Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the Madrid bombing, blaming Spain’s former ruling party, the Conservative Party, for being such a staunch ally to the United States and a steadfast supporter of the U.S.-led war against terror.

Before the bombing, Spain’s Conservative party had a significant lead in the polls just before the national election, but because of this attack, the Conservative Party was defeated by almost the same margin only three days after the bombing. The victorious Socialist party pledged to withdraw Spain’s 1,300 troops from Iraq and, more significantly, reduce the importance of its partnership with the United States in the war against terrorism, classifying their new relationship with the United States as only “cordial.”

Whether you agree or disagree with the war in Iraq is irrelevant. The point to be made is that the Spanish people have decided to listen to these terrorists and comply with their demands. They have taken the word of Al-Qaeda and blamed their government’s alliance to the United States for the attack instead of the actual evildoers, the terrorists themselves. Spaniards have replaced a government determined to stand with the United States and fight this war against terrorism with a government that has taken the philosophy of appeasement along with France and Germany.

These election results have surely emboldened the terrorists, who will now think they can influence election results of major Western powers by committing acts of mass murder. The bombing in Madrid has seemed to weaken Spain’s resolve to fight this deadly war against terrorism, and now we as Americans, and our allies, are less safe due to this “cut and run” attitude. This dangerous philosophy will encourage terrorists to try to influence our upcoming presidential election. Maybe there will be another attack on American soil. Maybe England or Poland or Italy will see similar devastation. If these terrorists feel that all they have to do is plant a few bombs and they can weaken the world’s resolve to combat their malicious presence, then there is nothing stopping them from committing even more barbaric acts.