THE “Future Feels Good” FOR MORNING BELL

After graduating from UM together and moving to Gainesville for law school and a music scene more accepting of rock music, what is Morning’s Bell’s stronghold for staying together? All the band members live together, two are engaged, and the lead and backup vocalists are brothers. Sounds like a complicated situation to the average person, however, Morning Bell, formerly known as “Future Feels Good” has got everything set straight. The band has been together for about three years and seems to be finally settling into their skin. EDGE sat down with Eric Atria, bassist, backing vocalist, and self-proclaimed PR whore for the band, to eat and shoot the shit.

EDGE: Why did you change your name?

Eric: For some reason everyone thought that is was religious or had to do with robots and spaceships. So we wanted a neutral name, it’s actually a Radiohead song, and Radiohead took their name from a Talking Head song.

EDGE: What is your favorite song to perform?

Eric: We actually do a cover of “Tomorrow Never Knows” and that is the show song.

EDGE: [After seeing a picture of lead vocalist Travis Atria jumping at least three to four feet above the stage] How does he do that?

Eric: I think it’s because he lifts his knees up, it’s not Photoshopped – that’s him.

EDGE: What is your favorite song on the album?

Eric: Well we’re actually working on new stuff right now, since about September/October, we’re taking our sweet ass time. We actually did our first album in five days because the studio is really expensive and we weren’t really comfortable with the music. Now there’s a more unified sound.

EDGE: Describe your music.

Eric: It’s just rock music – we’re not a punk band.

EDGE: Musical Influences?

Eric: Well my brother writes all the songs, so Hendrix, Beatles, Flaming Lips, The Postal Service, solo records from the Beatles. Our keyboardist listens to Bjork, drum and base.

EDGE: About how many gigs do you play a month?

Eric: About three to four times a month, the last time we played at Tobacco Road we were stuck with this Spanish Rock Band who had the place packed with like 200 people – it was awesome.

Listening to Morning Bell’s two CD compilations, the first done in studio and the second done with a good ‘ole iMac, there’s definitely a slightly different sound and obvious growth with the music. Not quite punk, not quite hardcore rock, Morning Bell is simply just good music.

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