Shannon decides to stay with Hurricanes

The football team has had to adjust to several coaching changes this off-season, but it can take comfort in the fact that defensive coordinator Randy Shannon has decided to stay put for the time being.

Shannon was being courted by North Carolina State to take over the same job for the Wolfpack. Soon after it became known that Shannon was not leaving Miami, N.C. State hired Reggie Herring to fill the vacant position.

Shannon has renegotiated his salary with Athletic Director Paul Dee and Head Coach Larry Coker. The terms of the new deal have not been disclosed yet.

According to the Miami Herald, Shannon makes about 175,000 dollars a year working for the Hurricanes. North Carolina State was offering more than 300,000 dollars a year for Shannon’s services.

Coker told the Herald that Shannon’s contract is unconventional when compared to normal deals for assistants.

“He doesn’t actually have a contract but he’ll be here as long as I’m here if he wants to stay,” Coker said. “It’s not a written contract per se.”

Dee told the Herald that Shannon’s raise was not motivated by the increasing of assistant coaches’ salaries, and it does not mean that other UM assistants will be having their contracts modified.

“He’s the defensive coordinator,” Dee said. “And a senior member on the staff. And the market determines people’s values to us sometimes, too. This is an independent event.”

Shannon used to play linebacker for Miami, winning a National Championship in 1987, and returned to the coaching staff in 2001 after working for the Dolphins. His aggressive 4-3 scheme has been regarded as one of the most potent in the nation. In 2001, Shannon received the Frank Broyles Award as the national assistant coach of the year.

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