Piecing together the perfect candidate

As tempting as it was, I almost decided to affiliate with the Democratic Party. But it seems I would have been endorsing their poor choices in primary candidates – I mean, really, did they expect to win America over with Al Gore?

Apparently their strategy this year is just as pitiful. Maybe they are actually hoping that Bush gets voted back in so he won’t try to run again in the future – that is, if he doesn’t extend his office by a swift constitutional amendment and become the next FDR. For a split second I considered the Republican Party but woke up when I didn’t like the sound of a trillion dollar deficit, bombs and guns and the faint ring of the 2000 elections.

So what am I left with? A few minor parties that have problems being recognized for their existence, or do I have a valid reason to pass on voting this year? Well, according to a survey I took at presidentmatch.com, I should apparently vote for Kucinich. He was apparently a 100 percent match for my beliefs despite the fact that I disagreed on his stance for abortion and same-sex marriages.

So I had to ask myself – do I want to sacrifice my moral choices to agree on his stance on other issues that are the complete antithesis of the Bush administration? It seems I am not left with much of a choice. I also have to deal the fact that many politicians’ stances change based upon where the most votes, power and/or money is concerned. I often wish I could cut and paste ideologies from the different parties to create my ideal candidate for the ballot – or even vote 25 percent Republican and 75 percent Democrat.

So if I do go along with Kucinich, I unfortunately have to ask myself: if I did vote for him, would he actually do anything that I cared about – would he push for universal health care, would he reorganize the welfare system, would he put the justice back in the system? Probably not.

So I am left with yet another question – what am I really voting for? Considering how much business gets accomplished on Capitol Hill and how America is truly the founders’ dream of democracy, I seem to be voting for an old guy who is going to represent or misrepresent my country and me.

Marquita K. Bell can be contacted at m.bell3@umiami.edu.