To the Editor:

As the school winds down from the insanity of the recent Student Government elections, I must look back at my experience and contemplate its success. As a candidate for president, I had the fortune of getting to know many great people who happened to be opponents of mine, and since have had time to think about where do I go from here.
While I myself did not win, and the final ticket I supported in the runoff did not win either, I must view this election as not a personal defeat, but a major victory for the student body as a whole. One of the main points of my platform was wishing to raise student involvement, and by the nearly 1,900 voters who voiced their opinion in a runoff, I would say our student body’s involvement level is on the right path. Not only was it a victory in terms of voter turnout, but also it was a victory in the sense that the student body could not go wrong with whomever they decided to elect.
Of my opponents, there was not one that I didn’t have the utmost respect for. All of us had unique platform ideas and a genuine love for the school. It came down to Vance Aloupis being elected, and I have no doubt that the student body is in great hands. UM is truly at a crossroads in its 75+ year existence. We are students at a time in which the University has the ability to make great leaps and bounds, but it won’t be done by us just sitting and watching from the sidelines.
I would like to issue a challenge to the remaining seven of us that were not fortunate enough to defeat Vance. If we all love this school as much as we purported, and genuinely care about our platform ideas and how they can positively affect the school, let’s get them done anyway. We should all show our unwavering support for Vance, and do what is necessary to see our ideas through for the better of the school. I can promise I will try to meet my own challenge; I hope my peers follow with me.


Don Donelson

P.S. To Danny Pedreira and my secret admirer, I appreciate your support and kind words. Thanks for the compliments and coming to my aide. And to the admirer, I’m single; why don’t you come out of hiding?