GREEK WEEK Fraternities, sororities partake in a week of unity, pride, and benefit for greater causes

Greek Week is over, and in the end, all Greeks united on the UC Patio for Sunday’s closing ceremonies to find out the winners of all the different competitions held throughout the week. Lambda Chi Alpha and Delta Phi Epsilon came out on top. Overall, UM Greeks raised $9,892 for their annual charity, United Cerebral Palsy [UCP].

Monday’s blood drive kicked off Greek Week, collecting 829 total units of blood. The teams donating the most received monetary awards. Other events included Olympic Day, Organized Cheer, Mystery Event, Song Fest and a Dance-A-Thon.

Throughout the week’s events, spirit among the Greeks intensified. Before the closing ceremonies began, each fraternity and sorority – donning their respective shirts – waited with anticipation.

“Greek Week is the hardest event of the year – We spent so much time on it,” said Mehmet Yarangumelioglu, a Lambda Chi Alpha freshman. “If we don’t win, I’m not doing it again.”

Lauren Johnson, a Delta Delta Delta freshman, said Organized Cheer was “a lot of fun but also a lot of work – but in the end it was worth it because we all had fun and did our best.”

Zeta Tau Alpha could not join the festivities this year because they were participating in a fashion show.

Delta Phi Epsilon sisters Cara Marie Rogers, sophomore, and Meredith Mulligan, junior, said they loved Greek Week this year.

“It was a pretty close call and everyone did well,” Rogers said. “We’re so excited about winning, and most of all, we are proud of everyone.”

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